1.  Number of Beacon Award units will be identified concurrent with the AACN fiscal year (e.g., July 2013-June 2014)

2.  MTS-AACN Chapter Beacon Award recognition will be nursing  units within MTS-AACN catchment area (Greater Seattle – Tacoma – Olympia area)

3.  The National AACN Facebook page or this link displays which units have been awarded Beacon status

4.  The chapter has determined  that it will be the responsibility of the newly designated critical and progressive care Beacon units to contact MTS-AACN regarding their Beacon status. To notify MTS-AACN, please sign and leave comments in the guest book logo below. Newly designated Beacon units must notify the MTS-AACN Chapter by emailing the MTS-AACN president within 6 months of their designation.


1.  MTS-AACN member volunteers will facilitate recognition of newly designated Beacon units.  Current MTS-AACN member volunteers are Melissa Hutchinson, Darla Saville, and Lapio Choe.

2.  The MTS-AACN Board approved unit recognition with a $100 check/Visa card, AACN pens for staff, webpage recognition, and an announcement in the MTS–AACN newsletter.

3.  MTS-AACN member volunteers and the newly designated Beacon unit nurse manager will coordinate a celebratory visit with staff. 

4.  With permission from the Beacon unit staff, celebratory pictures will be taken and promoted on the MTS-AACN newsletter.

5.  A basket containing recruitment material (membership information, newsletter, candy, etc.) will be presented to encourage membership among newly designated Beacon unit staff.

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Beacon Award Recognition