Benefits of Membership

National Membership
Current national AACN membership is required for local chapter membership. Applications for national AACN membership are available online or by contacting national AACN (1-800-394-5995). Create user account with national ACCN and/or enroll AACN membership

national AACN account
You can verify your status with AACN, and your affiliate local chapter such as the MTS. You can also renew your membership with AACN online now.

Both online registration for national AACN and MTS are available (select appropriate links above).  If you are joining national and local at the same time, you must send two separate fees payable to national AACN and the Mountain to Sound Chapter AACN along with each respective  online application form. Please note on the Mountain to Sound Chapter AACN application form that you are waiting to be assigned a national AACN membership number. Your national AACN membership will be verified before processing the local membership application. 
Note: You must be an AACN member first, please have your AACN membership numbers ready, then select one of the options below:
1. Online Registration for MTS membership
​2. Registration Form for MTS membership 
Membership Information