Mission Statement:
 During periods of critical illness and recovery, patients and their families rely on nurses to deliver expert, safe, and informed care. The Mountain to Sound Chapter of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) strives for excellence and safety in healthcare with a focus on the critically ill or injured patient and their families.

The Mountain to Sound Chapter of AACN is dedicated to creating accessible, safe and innovative healthcare system that remains centered on the needs and rights of the patient and their families.

 The Mountain to Sound Chapter of AACN ascribes to the values that are held by the national organization. As members of AACN and of the local chapter, we will:
Promote lifelong learning among nurses and health care providers at large, through both formal and informal education.
Uphold the dignity and autonomy of patients and families and rise to the role of advocate for both those we care for as well as our fellow care providers.
Facilitate positive and health communication and partnerships among diverse groups of providers.
Provide leadership within the nursing and general healthcare community by demonstrating professionalism, collaboration, accountability and a continued commitment to ethical and moral values and principles.
Enhance quality and safety within health care through the promotion of innovative and quality care, utilization of appropriate research, application of evidence-based interventions and through the continued participation in systems, which seek to improve access to quality health care for the general population.
Strive to be a role model for cultural diversity within the healthcare systems by encouraging nurses of all ethnicity groups to participate in all our chapter activities from board positions to conferences and community outreach programs.
Maintain awareness about legislative, ethical and sociopolitical issues and national trends that impact health care delivery and regulation, including those regarding licensure, certification and legal reform.

Mission, Vision and Values