Purpose:  To recognize and reward excellence in critical care, progressive care, and telemetry nursing and promote lifelong continuing education and evidenced-based practice for members of the MTS-AACN Chapter.  Scholarships awarded based on essay.  Click here to start your NTI 2017 scholarship application

Applications are due on 31 December and must be submitted electronically to scholarship@mtsaacn.org

Congratulations to the winners of NTI scholarships last year 2017, they are:
  • 1.Marita Bautista (UWMC): $1900 
  • 2.Alicia Porter (Harrison): $1900
  • 3.Kristin Lyon (Virginia Mason): $1700
  • 4.Zena Fuhrman (CHI Franciscan): $1200
  • 5.Theresa Petroff (St. Anthony's): $1000

NTI 2016 Scholarship winners share their experience

Purpose: Scholarships awarded based on points for activity within the chapter or national AACN.  It is open to all local chapter members. Please refer to the link below for activities which will earn your points.

Merit Scholarship applications are due by the last day in January. 
Click here to access an electronic version (Word document) of the Merit scholarship application

Congratulations to the winners of NTI scholarships last year 2017, they are:

  • Melissa Hutchinson Advanced Practice, Clinical Nurse Specialist, MICU Seattle VA 
  • Collyn West Educational Chair, Assistant Nurse Manager, PCU/3E Seattle VA
  • Judy Borish Treasurer, EKG Instructor

Scholarship & Grants Committee Co-Chairs


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Questions email: President@mtsaacn.org