Our Chapter consists of several different board positions. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please let us know. A biography of each current board member is provided.

​  Co-Presidents: Collyn West & Pamela Popplewell
  Contact:  president@mtsaacn.org

It is the president's responsibility to lead the Board of Directors, committees and members toward constructive goals. The president is the bridge between the administration of the past and future president, and must insure that the chapter moves forward. The president is the chief officer of the chapter. The president supervises and directs the activities of the chapter, is subject to the control of the board of Directors and implements policies established by the members. 

                                   Secretary:  Mary McCarthy
                                  Secretary-Elect: Vacant                               

                                 The corresponding/recording
                                 secretary is needed to facilitate
                                 open communication between
                                 the chapter Board of Directors,
                                 committees, membership and
                                 community. The secretary                                          reflects the policies and             procedures of the chapter and the AACN Board of Directors in all correspondence. In addition, the secretary will provide continuity of chapter proceedings through record keeping of all official activities. 

Treasurer: Judy Borish
Contact: treasurer@mtsaacn.org
Treasure-Elect: Vacant

The treasurer supervises all of the financial transactions and maintains all financial records of  the chapter. Since most chapter activities have some financial impact, the treasurer position is one of responsibility and integrity.      

​Education Chair: Devorah Overbay
Co-Education Chair: Vacant
Contact: Education@mtsaacn.org

The education chairpersons are responsible for the development of the Fall Currents program (symposium). The chairperson is also responsible for other program activities in which the Board of Directors wishes to pursue.    

Education Committee Members:

Mary Jo Kelly         Sarah Brownell
Karen Paulsen        Pat Blissit
Kitty Hobson          Judy Borish​​​
Tom Lowndes         Melissa Hutchinson    
Khanhvy Doan        Lapio Choe
Vicki Lai 

Scholarship Chair: Pat Blissit
Contact: scholarship@mtsaacn.org                              
                                      Membership Chair: Kitty Hobson
                                       Contact: Membership@mtsaacn.org
                                       Membership-Elect: Vacant
                                    The membership chairperson maintains                                             membership records of the chapter. The
                                    chairperson works in conjunction with the                                         treasurer for accurate registration of                                     membership funds

                                     Industry Relations Chair: Natalie Lovely
                                      Industry Relations Co-Chair: Vacant
                                      Contact: Industry@mtsaacn.org

                                     ​The industry Relation Chair collaborates                                            with healthcare industries and healthcare                                      systems to facilitate the delivery of                                                  information about technological innovations,                                      educational opportunities and development                                      to event attendees

                                      CCRN/PCCN Chair: Mary Jo Kelly

                                        Community Outreach & Legislative:
                                                                    Pamela Popplewell
                                       Contact: Pamela.Popplewell@aacn.org

                                          Advanced Practice Liaison: 
                                                                      Melissa Hutchinson
                                          Contact: event@mtsaacn.org

                                          Webmasters: Lindsay Boyd
                                                                 Rebecca Davis
                                                                 Sharon Hansen
                                          Contact: Webmaster@mtsaacn.org
                                         Webmaster-Elect: Vacant


                                           Newsletter:  Mary McCarthy


                                          Beacon Chair: Darla Saville
                                           Co-Beacon Chair:  Lapio Choe
                                           Certification Chair: Vacant

We serve the Greater Seattle - Tacoma - Olympia area and are a member of Region 18, which includes AACN Chapters in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii.
Questions email: President@mtsaacn.org
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